Antea audit Ltd.

Antea audit Ltd. Is a certified audit firm providing audit (statutory audit, voluntary audit, internal audit, forensic audit, tax audit, information system audit, and various overviews), valuation, court expert, tax, consulting and educational services.

Our services can be used by the corporate, public and private sectors, as well as by the non-profit organizations. We provide our services in in German and English.
The company was founded in 2004. The founder is Vlatka Sakar, authorized auditor and court expert.

Since the foundation, the company was involved in the numerous projects such as audits, court expert services, due diligence project, consulting services and trainings (education).
Our goal is to provide quality services within the agreed deadlines at reasonable prices.

In our work we respect professionalism, responsibility, compilation to deadlines and provision of services that are really needed by the client.

We encourage positive selection and professional education of our employees. Our employees have been continually educated in order to successfully respond on requirements of the profession. Our team consists of motivated young people with leadership of a partner with long term experience in the largest international audit companies such as K.P.M.G. and Ernst & Young.

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