Vlatka Sakar, mag. oec., partner

As director of the international auditing company KPMG Croatia(1993-1998) and director and partner of another international auditing company Ernst & Young Croatia (1998 – 2003), Vlatka participated and supervised and man-aged many audits for local and international clients, she participated in the privatisation and restructuring of public companies and managed many due diligences, reviews and valuation engagements.

Since 2003 audit and court expert engagements, consulting and educational services Vlatka provides through audit-ing company Antea revizija d.o.o. and TreningCentar d.o.o. Since 2003 Vlatka managed significant number of audits, court expert engagements, valuation, consulting and educational engagements. Hundreds of educational workshops and in-house trainings of the area of accounting, finances, valuation were organized.

In recent years Vlatka develops her own educational trade mark „Business knowledge in little finger“(“Poslovna znanja u malom prstu“) with number of topics from accounting and finances.

Vlatka Sakar is the author of two professional popular written books in edition of Školska knjiga „Bilanca u malom prstu“(„Balance in little finger“) and „Upravljanje novcem u malom prstu“(„Cash management“).

Vlatka certified Croatian auditor, court expert for accounting, audit and finances, certified internal auditor for public sector, certified trainer for international program EBC*L grade A (European Business competence Licence)

Vlatka provides her services also in English and German.


Andro Sakar, mag.oec., audit manager

Andro is in audit and accounting profession engaged already several years. He participated in all types of audit en-gagement from planning phase, interim audits, investigation of processes, internal control system audits, in inven-tory and confirmation procedures, up to testing procedures and writing auditor’s report. He participated in transla-tions of financial statements, in due diligence procedures, in valuation engagements, in the audits of increase of capital; squeeze out audits as well as in the firm’s accounting and administration.

During his working experience Andro assisted in court expert engagements form planning phase to field work, writing and supervising a report to the translation work. He participated in organization, assisted and lectured in the professional workshops.

Andro is internal auditor of information systems, a candidate for the court expert on the field of accounting and finances, ISO 27001:2005 Lead Implementer, BCM 22301 lead auditor, certified EBC*L grade A trainer, ACCA student and a certified specialist for web marketing.


Tena Sakar Vukić, manager of marketing and communications

Tena Sakar Vukić is bacc. for marketing and communications and she is a student of the High School Agora – the study of creative management of market communications.

Tena is working for several years on the area of marketing and communications, among other in Antea revizija d.o.o. and TreningCentar d.o.o. She is Community manager for McCann Erickson.

During her work until now Tena experienced creation of advertisements, completion of marketing campaigns, a, design of the strategy of marketing communications as well as organization of events. Tena is specialized for micro and small entrepreneurs.

Tena has an EBC*L grade A certificate (European business competence Licence), and completed a film school Blank.

Other members of the team

Lidija Fofić

audit assistant

Romana Krvavica

audit assistant

Nikola Đurek

audit assistant

Josip Belančić

audit assistant
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